Slope Protection


The GeoMax® Geocell system can improve resistance to erosion and offer an effective solution for slope-surface stability. When filled with materials such as rock, concrete, or soil, the Geocell confines these infill materials. This significantly increases the passage rate of water, nutrients, and soil organisms, which stabilizes the slope and soil mass, further promoting plant growth and root interlock. Given the challenges of slope construction, the Geocell system can substantially ease the process, reducing both cost and time. When used with accessories like limit caps and georope, the Geocell can be applied to slopes as steep as 70 degrees.

Why GeoMax® Geocell ?

  • The size of the geocell can be customized according to the length of theslope, easy to install and construct.
  • Strengthens vegetation and enhances its resistance to erosion.
  • Construction possible on slopes greater than 45 degree.
  • Stabilizes and safeguards the topsoil layer from displacement.
  • Offers effective slope protection and confines granular materials like sand, gravel, and larger rocks.
  • Enhances the growth of vegetation and soil health.
  • Perforations in the cell wall boost stability by promoting interlocking within the root zone and encouraging cross-root growth.

Typical Application

  • Vegetated Slopes

  • Revetments

  • Landfill Lining

  • Dikes and Levees

  • Shoreline Revetments

  • Wastewater Lagoons

  • Dam Faces & Spillways

  • Abutment Protection

  • Stormwater Basins

  • Coastline Structures

Why GeoMax® Geocell ?

  • The size of the geocell can be customized according to the length of the slope, easy to install and construct.


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