Retaining Walls


GeoMax® Geocell Retaining Walls not only enhance the natural beauty with their vegetated outer layer but also offer flexibility, making them ideal for challenging project conditions such as soft subgrades, limited access, and space constraints.

Geocell Systems are known for their durability, water resistance, and flexibility, providing a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to conventional earth retention methods. These systems allow for rainwater to seep through the wall fascia, reducing runoff.

GeoMax® Geocells can be layered to form a gravity-based retaining wall, which relies on its mass for stability. This type of wall is straightforward to build using local materials. Moreover, gravity retaining walls offer a flexible construction advantage, permitting them to adapt to diverse underlying soil conditions while maintaining their structural integrity.

Typical Application

  • Steepened Embankments

  • River/sea Walls

  • Sound Barriers

  • Gravity Walls

  • Vegetated Wall

  • Gabion Replacement

  • Blast Protection Walls

  • Highway Embankments

Why GeoMax® Geocell ?

The GeoMax® Geocell system delivers cost-effective and structurally robust walls capable of withstanding differential settlement in soft-soil environments. The

Geocell retaining wall system is designed to stabilize steep slopes effectively while utilizing minimal land, accommodating larger displacements than traditional concrete walls.

Geocell panels can be filled with on-site soils, which negates the need for expensive materials like rocks. The flexibility of GeoMax® Geocells allows them to easily conform to the landscape’s contours, and their permeable walls can have a green or sand-colored front fascia strip to harmonize with the environment.

Their installation is more than 30% quicker than that of traditional wall systems and does not necessitate the use of heavy machinery. Furthermore, Geocell panels are lightweight and can be manually carried to the installation site, enhancing their convenience and applicability.


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