Geocells were first used and patented in the early 80's by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. The early use of the technology was for the construction of roads over soft soils for military use.GEOMAX™ GeoCell is not only used for base stabilization, but also for erosion control of slopes and channels as well as in construction of retaining walls.


Geomax®(Geocell) is the solution to soil stabilization or soil reinforcement. It can increase the bearing capacity of the pavement and avoid cracking of the pavement.

Geomax®(Geocell) is the obvious choice for slope protection or erosion control. It has both good drainage effect and slope protection.

Geomax®(Geocell) delivers stability and protection of channels exposed to erosive conditions ranging from low to high flows, either intermittent or continuous.

  • Prevent seepage and reduce water loss
  • Resistance to higher velocity and continuous flows.
  • Less costly, smaller aggregate (up to 10 times) for the same protection.

Geomax®(Geocell) offers highly permeable and acts as a great number of planting pots, allowing rainwater to infiltrate, minimizing runoff.