Geo Compost Bin

Geo Compost Bin

 recycle kitchen waste and yard debris into high-quality compost

Geo Composter Bin is a good ideal for making home composting easy, effective and cost-effective. This composter features an easy-to-use design that’s suitable for composters of all skill levels – from beginners to master gardeners.

Recycle kitchen scraps and yard waste into high-quality compost with Geo Composter Bins. This nutrient-rich compost improves the soil around trees, flowers and garden plants. Available in black, green and tan.

It is very easy to setup with the Geo Composter Bin, only few simple steps to start your home compost. The Geo Composter Bin not only saves you money on garden fertilizers but also helps in reducing landfill waste for a greener planet.


Geo Composter Bin Specification


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