Channel Protection


The Geocell channel protection system offers a diverse array of flexible solutions for safeguarding open channels and hydraulic structures. This system ensures the stability and integrity of channels that are subject to varying erosive conditions, accommodating both intermittent and continuous flow scenarios.

Why GeoMax® Geocell ?

Utilizing Geocells is an effective strategy for channel protection under severe erosion pressures or persistent flow. The design confines the fill material within its cellular structure, promoting efficient drainage and subsoil safeguarding. Moreover, it significantly bolsters and stabilizes the load-bearing capacity or the erosion-resistant layer of riverbanks.

Additionally, the system bolsters vegetation performance by fortifying root zones and managing flow across the upper cells, thereby harmonizing with the surrounding environmental and ecological context.

Concrete Protection

Concrete-filled Geocell channels are optimal in environments with severe hydraulic stresses. The concrete is cast directly into the Geocell system on location, forming a flexible yet robust armored structure. This method is more cost-effective than precast concrete systems and guarantees precise concrete depths without the risk of over or under pouring.

Aggregate Protection

The stability of aggregate is significantly enhanced when confined within a Geocell system, surpassing the stability of unconfined aggregate. Geocell channels, in contrast to the larger and more costly rip rap, enable the use of smaller, cost-effective rock fill, including waste rock, across a spectrum of flow conditions fromlow to challenging.

Typical Application

  • Swales & Drainage Ditches

  • Stormwater Diversion Containment

  • Process Water Channels

  • Containment Spillways


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