Base Stabilization


The GeoMax®system offers a solution for addressing instability on access roads, road shoulders, and pavement areas. This 3D structural system, combined with confined infill, establishes a reliable pavement layer capable of withstanding frequent and heavy traffic.

It is especially beneficial in locations with soft soils, where high-quality infill is not readily available, or where traditional reinforcement methods are challenging to implement. When filled with permeable materials, the system transforms into a low-impact porous pavement that minimizes stormwater runoff and functions as a stormwater basin, facilitating natural infiltration.

The GeoMax® system greatly enhances the stability of asphalt and concrete sections in areas of heavy traffic or where high loads are anticipated. The necessary type and depth of fill material are dictated by the soil properties and the expected load-bearing capacity.

GeoMax® is especially beneficial on soft soils prone to pavement issues that necessitate frequent upkeep. In cases where unsuitable soils demand extensive removal, employing GeoMax® geocells can markedly decrease excavation efforts, prevent excessive digging, and consequently lower expenses.

Why GeoMax® Geocell ?

  • Significantly reduces surface rutting and maintenance needs.
  • Controls shear, lateral, and vertical movement.
  • Allow use of lower-quality, less expensive on-site infill materials, even on soft subgrades.
  • The requirements for the cost of base material are reduced by more than 50%.
  • Allows subgrade materials to withstand more than 10 times the number of cyclic-load applications before accumulating the same amount of permanent deflection.
  • Provides over 30% stress reduction when supporting aggregate under pavement.
  • Minimize load-related deformations and settlements and reduce pavement deterioration and cracking common in the soft subgrade.

Typical Application

  • Permeable Road and Shoulder
  • Horse Path
  • Parking Lots
  • Railroad Support
  • Bike Lanes and ATV Trails
  • Port Facilities
  • Oil Platforms
  • Tree Root Protection
  • Mine Haul Road
  • Airport Runways


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